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Filters Menu


Fig. Filters-Menu-1: The Filters Menu.

Show All Records... Removes the effect of all filters. User can navigate through records for all the subjects being tracked.
Case study Demographics Filters Sub-menu containing a filter for each Demographic concept associated with a subject. For example, a demographic concept may be "location", which is a field that is part of every subject record. The filter for "location" would have unique sub-menu items, one for each unique value of location in the database (eg: Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh).
Completion Filters Sub-menu which contains separate filters for records that are complete and records that are not complete. Records are 'complete' if every step of every activity is filled with a date field value.
Date Filters Sub-menu which contains filters for showing subjects which have an activity step whose date field value satisfies some matching criterion. The criterion can be that the date field value is filled, that it is blank or that it is within some date interval. The criterion can be set via the "Choose date..." field.
Choose date Accessible via the "Date Filters" menu. Lets user pick the matching criterion when the date field values of subject records are compared with some activity step.

You can use the following combinations of filters to limit records


Show all records

Fig. Filters-Menu-2: The show all records option.

  1. Click on the "Filters Menu".
  2. Click on "Show All Records".
  3. In the top part of the Logging Tool, near to the navigation buttons, is a message "(1 of X) case studies" where X is the number of records which meet the filter criterion. X should be the total number of subjects in the study.

Apply filter by subject demographic

Fig. Filters-Menu-3: Filter by a subject demographic field. Here the user is about to filter subjects based on whether they live in Manchester.

  1. Click "Filters" menu.
  2. Click "Case study Demographic Filters". You should see a set of sub-menus. In our example, one of those sub-menus is Location and it will have a number of location values.
  3. Click one of the location values. Then verify its properties to show it is a subject whose location matches criterion you specified.
  4. Click the "Options" menu.
  5. Click on "Get more information...". You should see a dialog pop up. It will indicate that the location of the currently displayed subject has a location value that matches the location you specified in the Filters menu.

Apply filter by completion

Fig. Filters-Menu-4: Filter by completion state. Logging curators can either filter records that are complete or filter records that are incomplete.

  1. Completely fill in every field of every activity for a few records.
  2. Click "Filters" menu.
  3. Click the "Completion Filters" sub-menu.
  4. Click "Complete records". You should only see the records that you filled in.
  5. Now change the completion filter to "Incomplete records". None of the records you filled in should appear.

Apply filter by date

Fig. Filters-Menu-5: Filter by date. Logging curators filter subjects whose date field values match some matching criterion for a selected activity step. By default, the criterion is that a subject's date field value is filled. Here, users are about to filter subjects based on whether a subject has been processed for the "Sent to Sweden" step of the HRV activity.

  1. Click "Filters" menu.
  2. Click the "Date Filters" sub-menu.
  3. Choose the sub-menu for some activity.
  4. Choose a step for that activity. You will observe that only subjects which have a filled value for that activity step are included in the filter.

Change date filter criterion

You can change the matching criterion used to determine whether some date field value in an activity record matches an activity step.
  1. Click "Filters" menu.
  2. Click "Date Filters" sub-menu.
  3. Click "Choose Date...". You should see the dialog shown below:

    Fig. Filters-Menu-5: Choose the date filter matching criterion.

  4. To finish, press "OK" to accept your latest criterion choice. To cancel the selection operation, click "Cancel".

Author: Sheila Raynor

(c)2010 Medical Research Council. Licensed under Apache 2.0.