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Sheila Raynor


Sheila came up with the original idea for the Clinical Study Tracker and first identified the minimal feature set which could track medical test data for individual participants in a clinical study. She has written most of the project documents that describe project history, user requirements, and quick tours of both the logging and administration tools.

Kevin Garwood


I'm the main developer of CST and have spent most of my time designing the software to support both the needs of end-users and the needs of other developers who may adapt the software to suit their needs.

Philip Curran


Phil is the manager for the Data Services Group and helped validate the algorithms used to check for errors in imported spreadsheet data.

Imran Shah


Imran spent many months maintaining a large spreadsheet of data for various activities related to the 2007-2010 clinical studies project at the LHA. The data he provided helped to test that CST could be used to load legacy data used to track subjects.

He worked in research at the University of Cambridge before joining the MRC National Survey of Health and Development in October 2005.

Tim Gaysin


Tim has provided feedback about using the data entry forms in the Logging Tool to update activity data. He suggested a future feature for simultaneously updating activity records of small batches of subjects.

Susan Latham


Sue was the first to suggest that CST needed features for supporting batch loading of data from spreadsheets.

Andy Wong


Andy provided feedback on the tool from the perspective of the data collection team.

Jane Abington


Jane provided feedback on the tool from the perspective of the data collection team. Jane is also the graphic designer for us and designed the logo that is used in all the documents.

Diana Kuh


Diana Kuh is head of the LHA for the Medical Research Council and funded this activity.

Author: Kevin Garwood

(c)2010 Medical Research Council. Licensed under Apache 2.0.