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Import activity data

In this section, we cover how to load information about subjects into the data repository from spreadsheets. Before we begin, I'd like to make an important point. When you import data from spreadsheets, first ensure that all the header rows and unnecessary columns are stripped out. We suggest that you make a copy of your spreadsheet and then use the edited version of the copy in the importing process.
  1. Begin by running the logging tool. Double click on the file run_logging_tool.bat which appears in the main directory of your release. You should see the dialog below. Click on the "Database" menu, then choose "Import Activity Data...".

  2. You should see the following dialog. Select "PWA" and use the browse button to find ./doc/sample_files/SampleActivityData.txt.

  3. Click "Import". You should see the dialog below. Again we advise that you strip header rows out of files before you import them.

  4. Click "Next". Now you will see a dialog which asks you to associate column fields in your spreadsheet with activity steps in CST. Right-click on the header "Unknown" in the first column. You will see the primary key and activity steps for the PWA activity. The primary key field defined for CST is always shown in red. Associate the first column with "HNR".

  5. Move onto the other columns. The header should read: "HNR, Incoming-pending, In Checked Data, Ingested, Moved to Longterm Archive".

  6. Press "Import". You should now see a message asking you to wait.

  7. If CST encounters any errors it will ask you to specify the location for an error report. If no errors are encountered then CST will tell you how many records it updated.

  8. Select the PWA tabbed pane and navigate through the list of subjects. You should see that your changes have been made.

Author: Kevin Garwood

(c)2010 Medical Research Council. Licensed under Apache 2.0.