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Install MySQL

If you decide to use CST as part of your production activities, you will need to a technical person to download and install MySQL Community Server, version 5.0 or higher. A picture of the download page is shown below:

Fig. Install-MySQL-1: Go to the MySQL website and download MySQL Community Server v5.0 or greater.

For the remaining part of this section, we expect that you have some technical skill.

Adjusting files to accommodate MySQL passwords

MySQL can optionally be configured so that the database administrator needs a password. Let's assume that the username for the administrator is DBA and the password is 'lem0n'. If you are required to enter a password to access the MySQL database, you must edit the text for the *.bat files which appear in the release directory. You must add the following flags to the end of the text as in these examples:

Fig. Install-MySQL-2: Edit the file "run_logging_tool.bat" to support password accounts in MySQL.

Remember to change run_admin_tool.bat and run_logging_tool.bat

System administrators should make sure that users have 'execute' permission to use the *.bat files but not have either 'read' or 'write' permission.

Author: Kevin Garwood

(c)2010 Medical Research Council. Licensed under Apache 2.0.