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Activity Forms


The features of the main activity forms of the Logging Tool are labelled in Figure Activity-Forms-1.

Fig. Activity-Forms-1: The main activity forms for the Logging Tool.

(1)Search field Users specify a subject identifier in the search field.
(2)Apply Searches for the subject which exactly matches the value specified in the search field.
(3)Clear Clears the search and shows all the records that match the current filters specified in the Filters menu.
(4)Navigation buttons Allows users to navigate to the first, previous, next and last subject records.
(5)ith record indicator Indicates the position of the current record in a collection of records which match the active filters.
(6)Filter status panel Tells logging curators which filters are active.
(7)Activity tab A tabbed pane representing a clinical activity.
(8)Activity step field A form field to hold the date value for some activity step. When users tick the field checkbox, the date is set to the date of the previous field. If there is no previous field, the current date is used. If the checkbox is unticked, then the date field is left blank.
(9)Comments field Logging curators use this field to describe short notes which relate to the status of a case study for a selected activity.
(10)Save Saves the log data and records the change in CST's audit trail for a subject.
(11)Restore Restores the activity to the state it had from the last time it was saved.


Navigate subject records

You can move to the first, previous, next and last records by pressing these buttons. You may be prompted to save changes to the current record before CST shows you a new record.

Manually edit values for activity steps

You can manually update a date field for an activity by ticking the checkbox that is associated with it.

Save log data

When you change log data, you can save the data.

Restore log data

When you press "Restore", CST loads the current form with data from the last time the field values were saved.

Author: Sheila Raynor

(c)2010 Medical Research Council. Licensed under Apache 2.0.